Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Natural Tunnel SP VA - Labor Day 2013

We enjoyed Natural Tunnel SP so much the last time that we decided to head back for the Labor Day weekend.  This time we had spot #12 in the Lovers Leap Loop.   Cove View is nice, but Lovers Leap seems to have a little more privacy and the sites are more level.  Had to use the BAL-Leveler this time, but only a few cranks.

 Site #12 - Lovers Leap Loop

 My daughter wasted no time starting the hunt for anything that moves.
"Nothing Escapes.... THE NET"
First victim....  Katydid  
Sometimes one isn't enough.  "You can never have too many walking leaf's... LOL"
Kadydid's are very hung out at the table the whole time we ate lunch, had to make it leave. "Friendly Bugs" 
This little guy wanted to hang out with us.
My daughter "The Moth Wisperer"
 The moth must have called his friend over "Damselfly"
 The Kids do their thing at night
 and I do mine.....
Whats better than one tiny lizzard?
Two tiny lizzards....
"I think they will just fit in my brother's ears"
 It's always good Mom & Dad show up to spend time with us.

Sunday it rained till 1:00, just hung around the camper till it finally decided to stop.
So I just took in the View.... It just don't get any better than this....  
High Stakes Uno game going on 
Finally the rain ended and it was Pool Time.....  
Where an old man can still be a kid.... 
 Trying to drown her brother.....
My favorite State Park pool.....  

Monday we hiked the "Purchase Ridge Trail" about 5 miles RT

  Here we are at the overlook deck

 A nice view of the tunnel from here
 Found a rest stop along the trail, too many spiders have setup shop.  "No rest for the weary".
When the going gets tough... "The Tough Get Crazy" 

Daniel Boone's Original Assult Rifle.....
In 1775 (Before the St. Louis Arch) they had "The Block house".  Which was the Original
 "Gateway to the West"  
Back in the day... they used to put kids to work alot earlier than they do now.
That gives me an idea..... "Future Christmas Present??"
  Ready to pick some berry's.... 1770's style....
Hangin out in the herb garden....
Ready to load up and head for the house.......
Natural Tunnel gets another "two thumbs up".