Monday, July 18, 2016

Levi Jackson SP, KY 2016

Forth of July camping trip took us to Levi Jackson SP, KY.

I waited too long to make the reservations and didn't have but 2 sites to choose from, so I picked the best of the two..... (Big mistake...  Procrastinating when it comes to holiday trips)

Behold site G003, when we first pulled up to it... I'm like WOW, is that going to be big enough for our PUP ???  Reserve America said it was "52ft Back In",  Obviously they have never visited that spot... LOL  I'm guessing its more like 20 feet of paved surface from the road.  If we had backed in, we'd been opening our door into the neighboring site, not to mention there would have been no way to open an awning.  I had to pulll in and thank goodness there was enough room to get turned around.

Another thing about this site, it shares a electrical hook up with the neighboring site G001 (all the other sites in this small loop share hook ups as well)   Not a problem as long as the other guy is using a 50amp hookup and your using the 30.  Problem is if both of you are needing the same style hook-up... the guy who arrive last is out of luck... (but wait... conveniently the CG store sells pigtail adapters for $26... sounds like a money maker if you ask me)  It didn't happen to us, but our neighbor had to buy one.   I've since ordered one from Amazon at half that price to keep on hand.

The campground does have WIFI, but you have to pay for it.. I think 5 bucks a day.

A bonus that we hadn't expected was that they just opened a new tree top adventure park inside of Levi Jackson.   
 Getting ready to show off their skills.....

 They have a practice area that isn't as high up till you get the hang of it.
 They have 6 or 7 different courses at varying difficultly levels, so you can work your way up

 These pics were taken using a really good zoom lense... they are up higher than they look.... :P

The pool is open to the public, un-like VA state parks where the pool is free to campers, they charge. Fortunately since it was the holiday, after the pool closed for the day.. they opened it back up for a free.... "pool party" for the campers.
 Below is the bath house.... not far from our site.
 Inside was nice.... the only gripe my wife and kids had was the showers are push button timed, so you push the button and get 2 min or so of water.   It didn't bother me because I would just back into the button and bump it with my shoulder.  The showers were nice and hot .....
 The TT in the foreground won the best decorated campsite award.  I must say that they deserved it.  At night they had it all lit up with lasers and projectors... really neat.

If we ever go back again... the better sites are (more room and don't have to share electric... ) they are premium sites, so I believe they cost a little more, but not much.