Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Natural Tunnel, VA SP - 2015

This is our 3rd year spending Labor Day at Natural Tunnel. (A side note about Natural Tunnel.... The bath houses are Super Clean.... I know for a fact that they cleaned them at least 3 times a day.... 9am, 4pm, and 11:30pm..... The nicest bath houses you'll find)   

 Here is the family in front of the Rain Maker (It didn't live up to its name) checking out goofy pictures that my son and daughter made with the iPad.  

This year we tried spot 17 in Lovers Leap.  Its near the top of the hill and has a nice view of the campground.   There is shade in the morning from the right, and shade in the evenings from the left, but no shade at all mid day.  Does have a nice breeze when the wind is blowing.  

My friend Chris and his family camped next door to us.  I had a virgin dutch oven but didn't know how to use it.  Chris is a Master DH Chef and happened to have the ingredients for dump cake.  Turned out Excellent.  (I took notes....)

Mom and Dad came to visit on Sunday

My daughter found this little Dagger Moth Caterpillar.... cute and fuzzy but, don't touch the spines

Life is good in the Tomato Taco....

Hanging out in the late afternoon shade.

My DW making hot coco on the stove

Taking pictures in the dark..... You never know what your going to get..... 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bandy Creek NP CG 2015

 July 17-19 2015..... We camped at Bandy Creek campground in Big South Fork 
Spot C-8 for the peak season it wasn't very full, I'd say about half the sites were empty.
We really liked this park... they have pool that is open on WE's... its not included in the camping fee, but only $3 and well worth it on a hot day.  No diving boards, but there are lifeguards.
Be sure to watch where your stepping... it is copperhead country and we did see a baby one
We hiked  The Twin Arches Trail while we were there... amazing place.

All the sites are paved with gravel pads and fire pits.   

The bath houses are nice... each with 3 stalls, 3 sinks and 2 showers.  There are plenty of them, I counted at least 5.   Very nice for a NP 

 There was even a path from the bath house to the site.... 

 This is the playground in C loop

Some of the open sites.... I don't think it would be necessary to make reservations as long as its not a holiday weekend.
You know your in bear country when you see these kinds of trash cans and "food storage lockers"  We didn't see any or hear of any sightings.   Just don't be careless with your food.  

This was late afternoon... Plenty of shade 

Night time entertainment is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.....  (kind of a tradition)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, FL 2015

Spent 3 days at Stephen Foster Folk CC, SP.   
Very nice, clean, quiet, a real hidden gem for 22 dollars a night.  Its a small town, has gas, ice, Dollar General.   The Florida trail comes right though it.  The bath houses are clean, there are two of them in the campground. 

We had spot 7 but every one of the sites were nice

 Grill and a fire ring.   

This is the bell tower where they play melodys of Stephen Foster songs all day long.... none at night of course.

The campground is only 1.5 hours away from Jacksonville, so we decided to check out the beach.

Spanish Moss is everywhere
Below is a miniture of the bell mechanism that is in the tower, I believe it is the largest of its kind

Cousin Thema's is the gift store, lots of books and nick-nacks.... they do have ice cream and free wifi 

Below is the museum dedicated to Stephen Fosters works... has some of his instruments admin is free

Below is the famous Swanee River....  featured in one of his songs.  (we didn't do any swimming)

Hiking on the Florida Trail.... 

 Packed up and ready to head home... Really enjoyed the stay