Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, FL 2015

Spent 3 days at Stephen Foster Folk CC, SP.   
Very nice, clean, quiet, a real hidden gem for 22 dollars a night.  Its a small town, has gas, ice, Dollar General.   The Florida trail comes right though it.  The bath houses are clean, there are two of them in the campground. 

We had spot 7 but every one of the sites were nice

 Grill and a fire ring.   

This is the bell tower where they play melodys of Stephen Foster songs all day long.... none at night of course.

The campground is only 1.5 hours away from Jacksonville, so we decided to check out the beach.

Spanish Moss is everywhere
Below is a miniture of the bell mechanism that is in the tower, I believe it is the largest of its kind

Cousin Thema's is the gift store, lots of books and nick-nacks.... they do have ice cream and free wifi 

Below is the museum dedicated to Stephen Fosters works... has some of his instruments admin is free

Below is the famous Swanee River....  featured in one of his songs.  (we didn't do any swimming)

Hiking on the Florida Trail.... 

 Packed up and ready to head home... Really enjoyed the stay

St Andrews SP, FL 2015

ST Andrews SP, FL.   This year we stayed at spot 72 again.  Others my have their favorite spots, but mine is 72.  Next to a small cove.  Large enough to spread out and relax by the fire ring.  Bath houses 1&2 are newer and nicer than the other 2 older ones.

Site # 72

 A view down the main road looking both ways

This little guy tried to swallow my daughter..... Never Give Up

The best view in the campground.  

Un-touched Sunset views.... 

Looks like he lost a little bit of an arm..... we called him Stubby

Below is the beach store.... good place to grab a ice cream sandwitch

The Dunes.... 

Nice catch, but too small to eat.... only one claw, but he was a fighter

Henderson Beach, FL SP 2015

We stayed 8 nights at Henderson Beach SP, FL.   This is by far our favorite place to camp and vacation.  The sites are large, groomed, level, short walk to the beach, and the bath houses are clean and up to date.   Big plus is that there is a Walmart right across the street from the SP entrance.  

Our Campsite back yard
This was our spot... #13

The boardwalk leading down the the beach.  This year there were alot of red flags, but we went in the water anyway.  

Notice the crane ..... if your staying in Loop D.. it ruins the view.   Also screwed up the wifi

Ok... why is he taking photos of the bath house....  I have never seen flowers in the MENS bathroom at any state park..... talk about classy.
Below is a view of Loop A which is where our site was. 

We took our bikes to Milton FL to ride the Black Water Heritage Trail
On the way back from biking we detoured over to Pensacola to pickup some seafood at Joe Patti's

Nights Catch.... The Blob.

Morning walks down by the hotels.... I like the SP beach better...