Monday, July 22, 2013

Natural Tunnel State Park VA 2013

We stayed at Campsite #5 in the Lovers Leap Campground.  Had a great time, I think I've found my new favorite state park.   One thing that was really cool, the campground and the trails all have rasberry and blackberry bushes all over, who can pass on nature's candy?
 All the camp sites were in excellent condition
 Catching insects to feed a new pet praying mantus
 The mountains surounding the park

 The Three Amigo's
 View of the tunnel from Lovers Leap point.

All systems are GO for takeoff

 We were lucky enough to catch a train passing through.  Squashed a penny as a souvenir. 
 The ride down to see the tunnel
 The ranger was very nice and even slowed the cable down to help mom get off.
 The ride back to the top
 Other Sites in the Lovers Leap loop. 
 Very Clean Bath House,  My buddy's wife said that a shower was broken and there was a maintenance man there at 10:00 at night on a Friday fixing it.   "What Service"

 Hanging by the campfire
 My son's impression of "The Rock" giving "the peoples eyebrow".. LOL
Family photo

Thats the closest I'll get to staring in a "Chinese Flying Action Movie"  

 Watching the sun go down
 I usually just give up and just burn it? 
 On the board walk
 Penny Crusher Express
Night Life

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fall Creek Falls TN State Park 2013

Fall Creek Falls has a lot of different campgrounds.   We stayed in campground A #3.  The campground  had lots of activities and swimming holes.  They also have a really nice good size pool and live music on Saturdays.  The rangers were top notch, guided hikes and programs.   Bring everything you need because even though they do have a well stocked store, the prices are very high.  Paid 8 dollars for a case of water that Walmart sells for 3.50 - 4 bucks for. 

The worlds smallest toad

Don't Mess with Sasquatch!

Frog Giggin at night
Hiking the PAW PAW trail
Camp site pics

Fall Creek Falls

The trail down to the falls

At the bottom of the falls.

Photo Op
 On the Cliff
 Hanging with the kids
 Playground Central
Bath House
Hiking Over, Time to Pack Up and Head to the House.